Frequently Asked Questions -

  • How does the Slades pre-order work ?

    Since June 1st, you have the possibility to pre-order your Slades pack. Three progressive price levels allow you to pre-order a pair of skate-shoes for an exclusive amount: 1200 pairs are available at $149, 1800 pairs at $164 and 2000 pairs at $179. Slades skates are officially available for sales in autumn for $199 on the Flaneurz website.

  • How long does the Slades pre-order last?

    The Slades pre-order will be closed on July 1st or before, when the 5000 pairs offered at the exclusive rates will be sold out.

  • What does my Slades pack include?

    The Slades pack includes a pair of shoes equipped with the Slades system, a pair of rolling bases and an unlocking key!

  • What sizes are available ?

    Slades shoes are available from size EU 36 to EU 46 which is from US Men’s 4,5 to 12,5 and US Women’s 6 to 13,5.

  • How to choose the right size?

    Please refer to our Size Guide tab to help you choose the right size: 

  • Where are the Slades skate-shoes produced

    Slades skate-shoes origin and material choice combine accessibility and innovation. The shoe, with a French design, is made in Portugal. In order to allow most people to skate in Slades, the rolling base is assembled in the United States (for deliveries on the American continent), using French (mechanical system) and Chinese (plates, wheels, bearings) components.

  • What are the materials of the Slades skate-shoes?

    The Slades shoe is composed of organic cotton and suede material for the main part, thermoplastic rubber for the sole and stainless steel for the mechanical parts.
    The rolling bases are made of high-impact injected polypropylene plates and 100% recycled ABS plastic chassis.


  • What are the technical specifications of the Slades rolling bases?

    The distance between the axes of the Slades plate varies according to the size selected.
    Here are the technical aspects of the other elements:

    Wheels: Hardness 80 A, size 62 mm x 32 mm

    Bearings : ABEC 5

    Cushion: 86-88A, medium hardness

    Toe stop thread : US (⅝)


  • Do I have a warranty on my Slades products?

    Slades products have a two year warranty. During this period, Flaneurz will confirm or deny the defects, diagnosing any problems having to do with their products, then if deemed necessary by them repair or replace components. This warranty does not cover a comfort problem. This warranty is attached to the consumer making the initial purchase and is not transferable. The use of Slades shoes is not recommended for activities causing abrasion to the soles.

    This warranty does not cover damage caused by: 
    /Improper maintenance, careless/inappropriate use,
    /Normal wear and tear,
    /Any violent shock to the system,
    /Any technical change made by the user.



  • Who is Slades suitable for?

    This product is suitable for skaters of all levels. For beginners, a few lessons may be useful to master the most basic skating techniques (braking, gentle slopes, falling safely, turning, etc.).

  • How does the clip and unclip system work?

    Our user guide will help you to understand how the clock and unlock system works step by step.

  • Are the Slades made for indoor or outdoor?

    The 80A wheels will allow you to roll both indoors and outdoors.

  • Does the shoes comfort change with the Slades system?

    The Slades shoe is manufactured with the sole injected directly around the mechanical system. It combines the unique system of its head company, Flaneurz, and the need for accessibility. This patented invention, certified by experienced skaters, allows Slades to offer complete flexibility and quality with a trendy look. Our Research & Development teams have ensured that the shoe is comfortable and flexible when walking.

  • How to maintain my Slades ?

    Shoe maintenance 
    Make sure that nothing alters the contact between the outsole and the rolling base for optimal lock (including gravel stuck in the sole or in the compartments, chewing gum, bits of tar). If necessary, use the unlocking key to scrape away dirt and/or use a damp cloth to clean the sole.

    Maintaining cleanliness: use a damp cloth to clean the part made of cotton and gently clean the part made of suede with suitable products. Do not put the shoes in the washing machine and/or the dryer. Let dry your shoes in the open air as often as possible.
    Also, do not leave the product near heat sources (heaters or fireplaces) that could damage or distort the shoe.

    Toe stops, wheels and bearings maintenance
    To improve your toe stop duration, turn them regularly to wear it out uniformly.
    Rotate your wheels regularly for them to last longer. Make sure that there are no chips or flat spots on the wheels.
    Bearings need regular cleaning, and need to be changed if you skate very often. Skating in the rain or on wet surfaces damages the bearings; that is why it is not recommended.

    System and chassis maintenance
    The mechanical system (back hooks) must not be oiled or greased (for example WD40). These greasy products will agglomerate the dirt, which will tarnish the system and cause it to jam. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth to remove dust, or with a dust spray.
    You can clean the chassis with a soft damp cloth.


  • Where can I try and buy Slades?

    Slades are available for pre-order on our website starting June 1st. Slades skates shoes will be officially available for sales this fall on the Flaneurz website for worldwide delivery. In the future, it will be possible to try on and purchase Slades skate-shoes at the Flaneurz boutique in Pantin (France).

  • How to use my Slades safely?

    For maximum safety, it is recommended to wear protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads...).
    Upon reception and before every use you have to check that: 

    - the trucks are well tightened (14 mm socket wrench)
    - the wheels are well tightened (13 mm socket wrench)
    - the toe stops are well tightened (22 mm wrench)
    - the pivot nut of the trucks are well tightened (13 mm wrench

    We invite you to consult our User Guide in order to obtain more precisions regarding our recommendations for use.


  • I lost my unlocking key, what should I do?

    The Slades unlocking key will soon be sold on our e-shop. For any emergency, you can use a 2,5mm allen key to unlock your system.

  • Which toe stops can I use on my wheel base?

    You can use any toe stops made with a US thread (5/8”).

  • Which tools do I need to adjust my Slades?

    Upon reception and before every use you have to check: 

    • the tightening of the trucks: 14 mm socket wrench

    • the tightening of the wheels: 13 mm socket wrench

    • the tightening of the toe stops: 22 mm wrench

    • the tightening of the trucks’ pivot nut: 13mm wrench

  • Is there a weight limit to use Slades skate-shoes?

    We were inspired by the NF13899 standard for roller skates that is intended for users whose weight is over 20 kg and under 100 kg. We are keen to offer a product accessible to as many people as possible, and hope to be able to extend our offer in the future. 

  • How can I change my personal information?

    When you connect to your personal account, you arrive on your "Dashboard". In this space, you can "Edit" your information, "Manage addresses" and also modify your "Preferences".

  • I forgot my password!

    If you are unable to recover your password, you can click on the "Forgotten Password" link. You will receive an email asking you to reset your password.  By clicking on the link sent, you will be able to create a new password. If you are unable to change your password yourself, please feel free to contact us so that we can help you.

  • Can I unsubscribe from the Slades website?

    You can unsubscribe from the site at any time by sending a request to Slades: We will then confirm your unsubscription. Your subscription cancellation will automatically delete your account.

  • Can I pre-order with my Flaneurz account?

    It is totally possible to pre-order with your Flaneurz account.

  • Which payment methods are available on the website?

    Here are the payment methods you can use on our e-shop: Credit card - Visa - Mastercard - American Express - Paypal

  • Is online payment secure?

    Your transaction payment is managed by our bank BNP Paribas, or by Paypal. No data necessary for the transaction is transmitted through our site, and we don’t record information relating to your payment method. In addition, navigation on the Flaneurz site is carried out via the HTTPS protocol.

  • Are there any payment facilities?

    There is no payment facility available on our e-shop yet.